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A Plea From a Mother....and a Rant From My Father

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The mask I have been wearing since the Pandemic began states, 'Vote Like a Mother'.  It is an incredible slogan that a friend of mine, Sara Berliner, has created into a brand, and a movement. Accepting these new times has been a struggle. I was willing to wear a mask but was hesitant to wear the surgical masks my husband brought home from the hospital.  I felt if I could no longer shyly smile to strangers on the street than I needed to have another message on my face. My daughters and I drew rainbows on our surgical masks lying around the house. Then in an email newsletter from Vote Like A Mother, I saw this mask. I ordered it and now wear it every time I am public, as it is the perfect message for these troubling times. We are exactly 2 weeks away from the election.  My prayer every morning (noon and evening) is that everyone will step into the booth, early or via mail, take a deep breath and connect to their heart and the stillness within and Vote Like a Mother, Father, or conscious citizen.  That is my plea and here is another from my father.

Aspirations for the near and not so near future

By: Gerald Anthony         An aspiration is a hope or a desire to achieve something. Individually, one may aspire to become enlightened. That’s a pretty tall order. I’ll settle for being more empathetic and non-judgemental.           As a nation, I feel we should aspire towards decency. Let’s put away divisiveness and remember that we are all in this together.          There is a sign I’ve seen around town that says “behind  this mask is the face of someone who cares”. How is it that so many of us feel that one of our personal freedoms should be the right to make others sick?   Common Decency folks.         I guess one sees where this is going. I am so hesitant to try and foist my views on anyone but it’s election time, probably the thirteenth (or so) presidential election, since I have become of voting age and I feel compelled to speak out.         It’s time to bring some decency back into the office of president. There are many things that disturb me about president Trump and company. We have a president that feels that it is perfectly ok to lie. At a recent rally he said that 50 thousand ballots were thrown in a river some where. Later he upped it 500 thousand thrown in a river in Michigan. The president of our great nation should not be telling lies! It’s indecent!         We have let four years slip away without addressing climate change. In fact, the Trump administration, has done everything it possibly could to deny that climate change is even an issue. In the meantime, our west is burning at an unprecedented rate, temperatures are reaching record heights, we have run out of names for hurricanes, (because there have been so many). Mr.Trump continues to roll back regulations and promote fossil fuels. Anyone who gives a damn about the future of our planet should be scared to death to give this man another four years. We owe it to future generations to get him the hell out of office. We don’t have another day, let alone four years to waste denying the reality of our situation.         So many of the president’s supporters talk about the rights granted to them in the Constitution. One of the most fundamental of these is the right to vote. I am shocked and chagrined to see the numerous attempts of voter suppression going on in the republican states. From the closing of polling places, damaging the post office and purging of voter roles. People are waiting in line for hours to cast their votes. I grieve while watching it. The “beacon” that was America is being snuffed out right before our eyes.         Joe Biden is a decent guy. Perfect, no, but decent. Our country needs to heal. I believe that we can.          Let’s aspire to be the “beacon” once more.

To learn more about Vote Like A Mother, go to: 

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