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Holistic Physical 
Therapy/Healing Sessions 

I graduated from The University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, NJ in 2003. My first clinical experience was at New York Presbyterian-Columbia Hospital while I was living in New York City. I subsequently worked for many years in outpatient/sports clinics, as well as with The Visiting Nurse Service of NY home care agency.  


These experiences helped me understand how to navigate our traditional health care system, yet working in that model for years has also helped me identify its shortcomings.  I have seen many patients receiving traditional physical 

therapy not achieve their goals due to limitations of health insurance regulations, excessive documentation, and limited time spent with practitioners.


Working privately with patients one on one, I see better results.  Patients and I can organically form a partnership aimed at achieving their goals. I utilize my experience with yoga, meditation, and energy work to bring a holistic experience to the patient and find that patients get results faster and in fewer sessions.  


Call for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if Holistic Physical Therapy is right for you.

Distant Healing Sessions Available!

Call for a consultation and rates


Melissa Mayer is a tremendously skilled physical therapist.  She has an excellent touch and diagnostic skills, but even more impressive is how well she listens and engages.  It was such a pleasure working with a PT who wanted to take time to really understand what I was experiencing and not just implement a “cookie cutter” routine.  I forgot what it was like to really receive PT treatment, rather than feel like I was on an assembly line at an office. It’s unfortunate that I only get to see her when injured as I also enjoyed our conversations during sessions! I cannot recommend Melissa enough.  

-Robin K.

After having tried and failed with the care of 2 chiropractors and another physical therapist I decided to seek the help of Melissa to relieve sciatica pain. Melissa’s experience in her field has allowed her to explore all the additional tools that will guide you to recovery.  She does not follow the rote cookie cutter routines that I had experienced with others. You must be open and willing to work with Melissa.  Recovery is not possible without this partnership. Her lovely and caring personality makes the process a pleasure.

-Ellen T.

I don't know what we would have done without Melissa.  She worked with my partner during a long illness, and through the work that she did with him using her great skills as a PT, made his quality-of-life profoundly better during those last years. Melissa met him where he was. She listened and evaluated his specific needs. Her ability to connect and devise a proper and effective course of action and to motivate him to not only make the effort but to look forward and to enjoy his PT, was miraculous and allowed for a quality of life that I hadn't thought was possible.

-Michael M.

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