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A Birthday Wish

As most of you know I have been volunteering with the Marianne Williamson for President Campaign. It’s been a miraculous experience to watch a non establishment candidate who is not taking corporate donations get as far as she has. Clearly, it has been an uphill battle, yet connecting with other volunteers all over the country and seeing the movement of love, hope and peace that has taken shape before our eyes all of our efforts feel worth it. I would never ask for your vote because as an American, it is our privilege to have this most important freedom and choice.  The moment we stand in a voting booth, we should always vote with our hearts and not what the media, friends or families have told us to do.  But as a birthday wish I am asking for a donation to Marianne’s campaign on my behalf.  Not a single vote has been cast yet, however polls, media and the Democratic National Committee with their ever changing guidelines on who should be on the debate stage want to limit our choices.  The primaries and caucuses starting in February in Iowa are set up to do just that and this is not the time to say only these few people should be heard, especially when let’s face it they are the most heard because of the money they have been able to raise.  Therefore, I am asking in the name of supporting an expansive conversation a donation that feels right to you, anywhere from $5 to $39 (what I am turning tomorrow) or beyond to support my heart and soul volunteering efforts.

In this cynical day and age, where corporate interests dominate almost every aspect of our lives, many ask how can love and individual efforts overcome this seemingly all powerful force.  What Marianne has taught me is that love is the only power than can override the fear we all feel everyday.  In the richest country many are afraid to send their kids to school due to gun violence, fear where their next meal will come from and how will they ever make ends meet.  Marianne works everyday to name this despair, using the analogy if the doctor doesn't tell you the diagnosis how can he/she ever heal you.  Marianne also says in her 37 year career helping people navigate crisis, often people become their most intelligent when faced with a crisis.  When they hear that grim diagnosis, they become sober and thoughtful and then eventually ask, ok so how are we going to fix this.

I have been waiting my whole life to stand behind someone with such an authentic conviction of peace, love, spirituality, morality, and humanity.  Someone who loves American Democracy but also reminds us of the freedom we take for granted also comes with a responsibility of capitalism with a conscious and facing the biggest existential crisis of our lifetime, climate change all in one breath. Some say we aren’t ready for this transformational message but I’m not sure when a leader like this will be a presidential candidate again and with the race we have before us in 2020, this is the time to take a stand for love. 

Thank you for your consideration of this request. Peace, Love and Marianne for President. Please go to to donate, learn more about policies and positions, watch videos, and volunteering information

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